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 Rules! Please Read before Posting

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New World Order

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PostSubject: Rules! Please Read before Posting   Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:56 pm

Ummm well since most forums have these i guess i should too...
As of now im also trying to test what i can do on this "forum"

1.) No inappropriate languagethis includes censoring out the letters! so i dont want to see f***, b****, s***, a**, a** h***, etc... to those who overthink things if i didnt list it that doesnt mean u can use it!

2.) Post under the right topic and try to get the discussion on topic! If you dont know where your topic belongs post it in the spam section and pm me... i will move it to the right section

3.) Uh. Be nice to each other and of course to me!

4.) If i choose to make you a mod well dont abuse your powers or i will ban you or remove your powers

about it for now...
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Rules! Please Read before Posting
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